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Created to meet

اذهب الى الأسفل

Created to meet

مُساهمة من طرف layaly في الثلاثاء 17 مايو 2011 - 7:44

Created to meet

Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds ... and the consequence for those who fear Allah ... and prayer and peace envoy to the mercy to the worlds ...

The fulfillment of the noble, and the sorts of offices, which is a characteristic of the noble souls, the greater in the eyes, and ratified it are dangerous suspicions.
Meet one of the greatest human qualities, people are forced to cooperate, cooperation is not only subject to the Covenant and the fulfillment of it, but otherwise Tnevert hearts ...

What is the meet?
Fulfillment of rights, including that committed by the covenants and the promises and obligations.
The Amralla - the Almighty - to fulfill the Covenant, he said most would {And fulfill the Covenant that was responsible}
He says {And fulfill the covenant of Allah when ye}

Position to meet:
1 - The fulfillment of the attributes of the Creator, there is no fully do not believe in achievement and promise of the Almighty Allah the Almighty said {and fabricate a lie of God}
2 - The fulfillment of the attributes of messengers of peace he says in praise of Prophet Ibrahim, and Ibrahim, {In}
3 - to fulfill a characteristic of true believers, he says {of the believers are men true to their covenant with Allaah be upon him}
4 - is to create men of understanding, he says {but remember the men of understanding who fulfill the covenant with God and do not break the Charter}

Types to meet:

Meet his many kinds, including:

1 - meet with God:
Between man and God - the Almighty - an era of great sacred is to worship Him alone without associating Ciiaicol God Almighty {Did I not enjoin on you, O sons of Adam, not to worship the devil, he is to you an avowed enemy * and that was the right path}

2 - to honor contracts and covenants:
Islam recommends to respect contracts and the implementation of the conditions that have been agreed upon, and the Prophet peace be upon him)) Muslims in their own terms ((a true

3 - double, the balance to meet:
Muslim meets the weight, it lacks, because God - the Almighty - A {a bushel, and fulfill the balance of justice, and wrong not mankind in their goods}

4 - to fulfill the vow:
The Muslim fulfill his vow and covenant with God that leads to performance, and characteristics of the people of Paradise that they fulfill the vow, the Almighty says {fulfill vows and fear a Day whose evil flies far and wide}
Are required to be in the best vow, but that was then this is not the fulfillment of it.

Fruits to meet:
1 - breadth of the work of good and righteousness.
2 - Modat spread and sustain friendships.
3 - eradicate the seeds of chaos and instill confidence among the people.
4 - the rule of security and psychological stability among the people.
5 - to meet the achievement realized piety, he says {Yes, they fabricate a lie and they know it, Allah loves the righteous}

How to create Taatkhalq meet?
1 - Remember that creatures from time to time to confirm its importance.
2 - to remember that the honor of meeting carried by a Muslim on his shoulder, a human value and moral superpower.
3 - ponder if the salaf in the fulfillment.
4 - Remember the bad consequence of the treachery, and status of the despicable left among the people.

May God help us all to love and accept ... and guided us to a moral code word and deed

اللهم أرحم نفوس تتالْم ولا تتكلم


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