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Rental allowances weddings ..

اذهب الى الأسفل

Rental allowances weddings ..

مُساهمة من طرف layaly في الإثنين 4 أكتوبر 2010 - 21:41

Rental shops allowances weddings .. satisfy the bride and groom take into account the pocket

Resort owners of low-income usually to rent dresses weddings and special occasions from shops that offer this service, instead of buying at high prices the price for one night only, and then placed in the wardrobe the rest of life, and in light of the growing demand for rental wedding dresses spread many of the shops that seek

Always to please the bride and take into account the potential groom material. In Palestine Street, we entered into one of these shops and found the owner was busy in arranging his goods hyphen just to the shop we asked them and have responded as Wedding dresses for hire and he said: we rely more on rent dresses so that we can continue our work, either prices He said: "Prices vary from dress to another depending on the model and its price and the freshness and cleanliness, there are dress the first of the Sixteen and the second cross-dressing, and the prices of dresses weddings more expensive than the evening dresses are colorful, not only weddings and night what we lease, but (Dwag) bride, a cover placed by the bride on her head on her wedding night as well as all types of accessories needed by the bride on her wedding night.
While stressing the shop owner (...) in the New Baghdad that the demand is increasing on wedding dresses in the summer holidays and school holidays, but he complained that most of the dresses which are rented become damaged and keep the customer for a week without any guarantee of material, which made him request the ration card and identity to ensure return the dress, and added: There are many women who offer our dresses their wedding which Astraenhen for the purpose of Togerhn and take a percentage of the amount of the lease, and continued: under the dress after it back to the cleaning and ironing to regain its luster, not the cause of the transfer of pathogenic not only hire clothes to brides, but also on also invited from men and women who are looking for these shops to avoid paying large sums of money to buy clothes in addition to not repeat their clothes on other occasions.
Rim the girl with the twenty-year-old and future wedding favors hire her wedding dress to buy in order to save expenses, and adds: I prefer to be the first to worn, even if the price was expensive little dress, which had previously she wears bride again because it is more safer, cleaner, Vokon reassuring When I wear the dress for the first time. As Rasha Ali was the volatility of some of the dresses displayed for the purpose of purchasing one in preparation for her wedding day, she said: the wedding dress is the most important dress you buy the girl in her entire life and must remain a memory to show him to her children, and I'd like to be the private property I do not like to wear one else, so , I am looking for dress appropriately in the price and Modelh.
As Ms. Khaleda and her four daughters married and had resorted to the shops every time she dresses Rental: We can not buy dresses weddings because prices have soared do not know how we get by we will manage if it were not such as these shops are
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التقييـــــم : 35686
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الموقع : فينوس العرب
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