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Motives conquered Egypt

اذهب الى الأسفل

Motives conquered Egypt

مُساهمة من طرف layaly في الأربعاء 26 أكتوبر 2011 - 0:06

Motives conquered Egypt

There are several motives prompted the tendency of Muslim conquest of Egypt, including the

Religious motive: the need to spread Islam in Egypt and Africa, has been for the Muslims in the era of the Prophet Muhammad invited Cyrus to Islam peacefully, he sent his Prophet Companion Haatib ibn Abi Balta'ah, as well as Abu Bakr sent him Hataba Again, in the reign of Omar ibn al-Khattab sent to Adi bin Ka'b ibn Altnokhi cartoonist, what was the Cyrus but contented himself with good response. Egypt was the subject of the Byzantine Empire Christianity can not be Muslim call to Islam, which, without confrontation with the Byzantines, and Egypt is a prominent place for Muslims because of the mentioned many times in the Quran and preaching of the Prophet Muhammad to Muslims opened and recommendation of its people better all make Muslims Mutiran the annexation of Egypt to the State Islamic [5].
Motivated the military, because Egypt is the natural extension of the south of Palestine, which was dominated by the Muslims retreated to Ertabon commander of Jerusalem to restore the resistance, and retrieval of Sham Again, this is why Muslims are quick to enter Egypt, and also taking over what the Egypt of the mouths of the vessels will be Muslim of the subject cities in the Levant North located on the Mediterranean, opened Egypt's military necessity urgently to complement the opening of the Levant; This is because the Empire ROMANIAN was controlled by Egypt and the Levant and the Maghreb, which is the military one, and also for fear of being attacked Byzantine House of succession in the Hijaz by sea Red, and also tried to recover the Byzantines Sham Muslims again and attacked them block their way south from the northern Levant Muslims felt they were trapped between the forces of Byzantium in Asia Minor and their forces in Egypt. And also the lack of fortifications in Egypt make the job opening is easy and the majority of participants in the conquest of the tribes Gavq Oek Alemenatin and they had a skill in fighting forts coastal, and participated with Amr open the forts in the Levant, as they were familiar with the building of cities and Achttatha, and knowledge of agriculture [5].
Political motivation Economic: the gathering of Muslims from the information that the economic situation in Egypt was poor and the wealth of the country you go to Rome, and also the conditions of Egyptian Copts who suffer religious persecution sectarian by the Byzantines, and realized that the annexation of Egypt to the Islamic state will revive the economy of the Muslims and weaken Albeznteyen as Egypt was a major source of funding Byzantium wheat [5]

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