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Pre-dynastic period (4400 - 3000 BC. M.)

اذهب الى الأسفل

Pre-dynastic period (4400 - 3000 BC. M.)

مُساهمة من طرف layaly في الأربعاء 26 أكتوبر 2011 - 0:03

Pre-dynastic period (4400 - 3000 BC. M.)
[Edit] Badari

Badari culture [1]: a village in the level on the east bank of the River Nile, there were in the governorate of Assiut, Upper-mediated. Civilization Badari firm evidence on the existence of agriculture valuable pre-dynastic period. Azdahrt this civilization valuable period between 4500 BC. AD to 3800 BC. AD. [2]: The most important characteristic of Alibdarion they had believed in the resurrection (Second Life after death), where found the graves of the dead some valuable pottery, tools and the remains of animals. They wrapped their dead and Balhasir Adfnnounam with their animals, or some lovely statues of the animal. They put the deceased valuable mat and then a hole and bury him valuable their heads towards the south-bound and beholding to the West. As characterized by the existence of this culture, social classes was inferred from the members of the community during the burial of the rich Badari another valuable part of the cemetery. Badari culture was not limited to Upper Egypt, but also spread to South and West Africa.
[Edit] Naqada I or Umrah

Naqada civilization first or Umrah (3900 - 3650 BC) have found traces of this civilization in more than one location from Middle Egypt and even the first cataract, which is linked to a cultural pilgrimage civilization (South East Centre Balyana godmother buried in Sohag current). Were characterized by the existence of trade links with Oasis beyond the Red Sea to the west and east and proceeded to the first Cataract valuable south. Naqada was the necropolis of one of the important cities of Egypt, a city "Nobt" (village of the Center for Tokh Naqada Qena now), which was a center for the worship of God six. Found in the necropolis of Naqada some pins and other tools small made of copper, while their homes were simple hails from the twigs of trees that are covered with mud, while the tombs were a hole oval shallow, and the deceased is buried in a squatting position and wraps sometimes whipped goat, and culture critics have seen improvement in industry and the evolution of stone tools, pottery firing techniques
[Edit] Naqada II (3650 - 3300 BC).

This civilization was paved for the unity of the Egyptian civilization that appeared on the face of the earth. Burial followed cemeteries of Naqada II traditions prevailing before the families of the dead were buried in the flexor civilization Naqada II (3650 - 3300 BC) is the civilization civilization Naqada second most prevalent and progress of civilization, the former have found traces in the Naqada itself, and in locations other in the north (in Tarkhan, Gerzh, and is done by Abossar), and in the South (Nubia) in the Valley of NPS deliberately acinus. Led the Naqada II to the unity of the country after that valuable historical times where we find a deepening of the links to the previous trade, as well as some skirmishes between the South and the North has appeared valuable this period the first beginnings of the mural painting valuable Kom Ahmar near the city of Edfu in 3500 BC, and has appeared pottery with colored drawings boats and forms human, animal and bird. Naqada and civilization, characterized by the second she laid the foundations of agricultural civilization and that it has made strides in stone and metal industries, and expanded use of copper in the manufacture of tools. Also used some non-local raw materials such as lapis lazuli, and this indicates the presence of commercial links with Asia in this era also found immemorial civilization named Civilization Umrah, but turned out to be the first Naqada civilization itself. She also appeared Jerzh civilization that turned out to be an extension of the civilization of Naqada II, and developed housing compared with homes of the people of Naqada I, and was rectangular and built of brick. The graves appeared are other more sophisticated than ever before, have been identified aspects of the hole and strengthening Ptksiha mud or reed mats. Then known brick walls of the Beginning by supporting not only was the graves in some cemeteries the burial chamber, but in some cases caused a small chamber was dedicated to keeping pots and funerary furniture. Cemeteries of Naqada II followed a tradition in pre-dynastic period to bury the dead in the flexor, and they were put in the grave with the dead bait, beverages and furniture.

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