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Mohammed Najm: I will not retire Art

اذهب الى الأسفل

Mohammed Najm: I will not retire Art

مُساهمة من طرف فينوس العرب في الثلاثاء 14 ديسمبر 2010 - 8:14

Mohammed Najm: I will not retire Art

Artist denied Muhammad Najm rumors recently about his retirement Art and his willingness to make a religious program in addition to what was said that he took all his works of art «forbidden» will not be accompanied by him on the Day of Resurrection.
Star said - according to the magazine Rose Al-Youssef - All that was said in this regard is not only unfounded and intended to drag my name through the work (Shaw) to these sites and newspapers.
He denounced what was said about retiring, "said Art: How I quit art and theatrical comedy months in Egypt, I made the crisis« Shafik, O man »which competed for the crisis forced Fattah« back to Normandy ».
On the possibility to think in this future, he said «Sotafrg for output or production, especially that I test the productivity of a successful in the past, including the play« Doha and Helmbouhp »presented on the theater of« quota »Alexandria last summer and was written by Sharif star and get me, and shared with me the championship where Sherine Farouk Sheriff Naguib and the star and met with a huge hit, but the idea of retirement is excluded because soccer players are not relinquish the actor.
He revealed his preparations for a new play, said it will be a surprise and might of the nature of comedy, will carry the story of humanity.
And on the status of the theater in Egypt is now considered the star that the reason for the failure of the theater in Egypt due to the state because the theater was originally the private sector and so-called theater of the State and the Art House Theatre was a major reason for the demise of the theater and even the public Theatre Taster and wondered: How do you make a ticket theater with 10 pounds and say that This is to increase public theater?! This in fact is the public «Kuta» in order to make the ticket price dirt cheap like this.
He added: We must lift the state out of the theater, so that the work be displayed on the stage of the public sector such as «Hamlet» or «Shakespeare» It has not been successful, but only attended by some critics and interested in theatrical affairs, and criticized those offers after viewing.
And said his past is very proud of them because they are considered signs of a comma in the history of theater and history of comedy in general did not declare that it is haraam, or that I disown them.
فينوس العرب

تـــاريخ التسجيـــل : 23/09/2010
التقييـــــم : 28788

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