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Dreams on the boards of alcohol

اذهب الى الأسفل

Dreams on the boards of alcohol Empty Dreams on the boards of alcohol

مُساهمة من طرف layaly في الأحد 31 أكتوبر 2010 - 7:54

Dreams of Ibn Sirin

Dreams on the boards of alcohol

On the boards of alcohol, and where of musical instruments, utensils, toys and cabarets, and similar perfume and Aldiavatt and invitations


Meeting of the very best, it felt like a call to hospitality, it enters in order Iorth
Regret and blame, as evidenced by the story of Solomon peace be upon him, when he asked the Lord Almighty to
Feed creation one day, can not be completed. If he sees as a people called to
Hospitality from the food until they meet, it is presiding over them and said: The adoption of Hospitality
Indicates the arrival absent. Felt like the were invited to the unknown and many fruit syrup
, It is named for Jihad and quotes, for the verse (called the fruit of many
And drink) p.: 51 The hit Oud harm is a lie, as well as heard.
It felt like a

Oud hits in his injured scourge, said: "Hitting Oud principality of smiteth,
It was: injury cloud. Felt like the hit then quit doing that and saw him, he went out of his concerns. It was said:
The paragraph shows the king of Sharif gig of his property and dignity. The longer remember his overturned
His intestines, which is the secret to a sermon, and the corruption of some punk is located on the intestines. A
Unfair to Gore Ligure on a people cut off by the bowel. Is of the opinion that it hits the door of the Imam
Of clubs a thing of the flutes and dance like the lute and cymbals, mandolins, received the mandate
And power that was qualified to do so, otherwise it provokes much talk, and flute on the one hand,
It is felt: The king gave him a flute won the mandate that was from her family, and joy, if not
Not the people is of the opinion that the pipe and puts his fingers on the hole flute, then you learn
Meanings of the Quran and read it and improve. It was said: The patient felt like a pipe, it dies
The cymbals are taken from zero indicates the pleasures of this life, this world and beaten Iftikhar
And a voice for the drum sound is invalid, it was with him screaming and flowered and dance, it is a disaster, and a drum Heroes is proud to unemployment, and the Drum
Sfan man,
It is believed
It became a turning drum Sfana. Drum and bisexual woman to Come
Defects permission to hate it rugged and scandal, if inspected by Cnap was it because
Shana, his voice rising, as well as if this woman, Drum and women trade in untruths
Little benefit many Aelchenap

To beat the daff

They and the sadness and calamity, and those who have known him, however, was the ongoing, it is better visible
Popular on the bench as much as a hit and the essence of vanity and famous, albeit with a woman
It is something well known and famous for years in all the years. Although it was with a man known,
And musical instruments and Alqian all weddings in a disaster for the people of that house and the singing, the
Del was a good moneymaker, but not a good del to a losing trade. Said
Some of them: The world of the singer or wise, or masculine, and singing in the market scandals of the rich
And ugly things where they fall. For the poor go his mind.

It felt as if
Location sings it
, It is there Kkzb differentiate between loved ones, and Kidd, green-eyed liar, because the first essential of
Satan and wailed for him, but said: singing shows the hustle and dispute, because of the change
Movements in the discotheque.
It felt like singing the tune of poems and loud, it is good for the owners of singing
And melodies and all of them were. Felt like singing the vocals, this indicates poor
On unemployment and his home. It felt like a walk in the mud and singing, this is good,
Especially those who used to sell sticks. And singer in a bath of the words the accused. It was said:
Singing in the origin indicates the hustle and dispute and the dance is a disaster and they are disturbing,
And dancing to the patient indicates the length of the illness. It was said: The poor rich dance does not last. And dance
Women fall into the scandal. The dance is owned by it and indicates that he hits.
The dance imprisoned Vdlel salvation from prison and the dissolution of limitation, of the dissolution of a body
Dancer and lightness, and the boy dance, it indicates that a child may be deaf mute.
And if he wants to be the thing pointed out by hand and be in the form of dance. The Dance of
Walking in the sea, it is bad and indicates the severity of it is located. The Dance of the other person,
The scourge of Almrkos him get involved with the dance, and felt like dancing in
Inside his house and around his family and with them not only strange, it is better for all people

Thumper mandolins

Man's head untruths fabricated in the nation's poor, or courier Alskip dirhams, or
Zan meet with women, because the gut and hit the woman mandolins calamity and sorrow wraps his
Ttawai intestine and, because his voice comes out of the small intestine by Spin and dried and taken out of
Home. The CPC said what he saw of luxury and splendor and the auctioneer, the Sultan felt that
Hear mandolins, it hears the words of a man of untruths


Fidel fertile for those who earned it, it is believed that it serves are pressed wine authority and being
Bones of the things on his hands and wine in the original: Money is forbidden without difficulty, it is felt that
Drink alcohol a sin, it affects a lot and they had a broad, saying to the Almighty (They ask for a
To wine and gambling say the two great sin, and the benefits to people and plain more useful)
219. It is believed that drinking has no undisputed, it affects the money is haraam,
They said: it lawful money. The drink has the undisputed it is undisputed in the
Speech and the extent of the rivalry. If he sees that he hit a river of wine, it affects the temptation
In this world. The income occurred in the trial as it caught up with him and said some of the crossings:
Not many drink alcohol in poor vision only, a human if the group
Many wine drinkers, this is bad, because the large number of drink followed by sugar, and sugar
The reason for the riots and anti-fighting. He said: wine for those who wanted the company and marriages
Approval because of mixing. It was narrated that a man felt like a blackish face and shaved head
Drink alcohol. Shaved his vision on the crossing, said: "The dark face, you dominate your people

Shaving head

The folk go about you and things go


You possess a woman. The man came to Ibn Sirin said: if I saw in the hands of Iinain
One wine in the other milk. He said: "Justice milk, wine and isolation, but soon that
Isolation and was automatically. And drinking alcohol to isolate the governor: and disbursement of wine dates where money is compromised,
And drinking wine dates Aghtmam. The grounds of drinking alcohol mixed with water, it was said:
Receive money some old and some are forbidden, and said: affects the money in the company, said: take
Woman of wealth and is located in the strife. And non-sugar syrup is the fear and horror, for saying
Says (and you see people drunk and they are drunk) Hajj: 2. And sugar from drink
Money and arrogance and authority bestowed on His vision. And sugar from the syrup from fear, because
Drunken not freak out about something. Felt that the sugar and tore his clothes, man, if it is expanded
Worldly arrogance, is not likely blessings, not control himself. And drink wine and sugar, including
Hit haraam wealth, the plagues of that authority as much as the amount of sugar it. It was said:
Lasker bad for men and women, so that it shows the ignorance of many, and saw a man like me
The mandate of the rode in his work with people, and when he wanted to leave them all and found them drunk, did not
Estimated on one of them, and set up each and every one of Sakra, Vqsa to Ibn Sirin said:
They Eetmolon dispensing and you do not answer thee, and not eat bird Itbonk: Almgulw
Mobility and the absence of fading, and the vision of alcohol in injury Akhabip treasure. Love if
The water was in the house, they are a rich woman Mgmomp. If the love of the water in
Watering, it is a lot a lot of money spending in the way of Allah. Love if
The vinegar, he is a man of devout, and if the butter is the owner of money developing, and if
Kamaj when the patient is a man and a man came to Ibn Sirin said: if I saw my house Khabip
Has been broken. He said: "The ratified seeing you divorced your wife. Was also Alraoouk: a man
Sadiq says the right. The bottle maid reluctant to transfer funds, as well as pitcher server
, As evidenced by the words of God Almighty (wait on them immortal youths Bokwab and pitchers)

It felt like a

Drink from the jug, it is alive and the son of his nation, and pitchers servants
Strength on the tables and told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said: I like to drink from
Thleelp her two holes, one the other sweet and salty. He said: "Fear God, you are different
To your wife, sister and the cup indicates that women, felt like a watering in the cup or mug
Glass, has indicated his vision on the fetus in the womb of his wife. Felt as if the cup was broken and remained
Water, women die and live fetus. And it is narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin said,
: I like to drawn water, I came Bakdh Vodath water on my hand was broken mug
Water and remained in my hand. He said to him: you have a wife? He said: Yes. He said: Do the rope?
He said: Yes. He said: they die and the boy remains on your hand. He was also the view
If the water stayed focused and true trophy, the mother delivered the boy and die. It was said:
May be indicative of refraction of the cup on the death of Saki


Jewels of the women also, it is glass. And drinking mug whom have a woman.
It was said: The gold and silver cups in a vision for the survival of the fittest, glasses and glass
Brittle, and show to show hidden objects to light and Mugs dialogue or
Ghulam event and play chess and dice and heels, walnuts, and hated the dispute. But was
: The play of all things hateful to the verse (or the security of the people of the villages that come to them from us,
Sacrificed playing) norms: 98. It is believed that plays him is our enemy
. Mounted and chess do not play them, they are isolated men, and mounted the plays
Them, they are the governors of men. The feet or other Oqtalla, it becomes so for the Crown
Position beaten or dispute. The most likely one of the other rivals, it is often apparent.
It was said: playing chess in seeking to fight or quarrel and illiterate play dice differed
Which, it was said: It is adversarial in sin, and was said to trade in sin. And play by the
Originally suggesting the occurrence of the fight in for Gore is haraam, and have the thumbnail Ghalib

Play Balkaaab

Bbatal operation, and said: This is a good sign. Gambling is trouble and conflict. The roast,
Fmmilok writer receives praise from owner Well, the good: In praise of good parent.
It was: is the death of the patient guide and spice, spices and smoking: praise, with a risk, because
As for the smoke-amber: Phenyl money from a honest man. Musk, and all the dark
Kalqrnfel of perfume, musk and Jawsboa Vswdd or pleasure, and praise it crushed good, and if
Do not crush, smell good, indicated by the kindness to non-Shaker and camphor: Hassan
Praise with splendor. Saffron and praise good if you do not touch him. And milling of the disease with frequent
Those who call him dear: I have said: It speaks to the pilgrimage, said: It's money,
It was said: It Soudade, said: from the view like a packed house in Balglip imam, accused
Bglul and betrayal and Aldhirerp: praise for good. Rose water and money and praise for good health and body

Hassan cohabiting people. And fats are all concerns, but mercury, it is good praise.
The oil pool and eat it or drink it or rub it, he blessed the tree and saw
Some of the kings was Mjamir developed in the country smoke without fire, and saw the seeds sown in the
The earth, and saw the three crowns on his head. Shaved his vision on the crossing, he said: has three
Years, or thirty years, and a lot of plants and fruits in the IPT, and herbs abound.
It was also felt that the evaporation, earned a profit and good, and living in the praise of

اللهم أرحم نفوس تتالْم ولا تتكلم


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