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In the interpretation of rights and its members

اذهب الى الأسفل

In the interpretation of rights and its members Empty In the interpretation of rights and its members

مُساهمة من طرف layaly في الأحد 31 أكتوبر 2010 - 7:47

Dreams of Ibn Sirin

In the interpretation of rights and its members

In the interpretation of different rights and its members one by one, respectively

Human skin

Said Professor Abu Said God's mercy: human skin and skin jacket, and dark skin
In the interpretation Soudade to leave a religion, it felt like a black face and is wearing clothes
Eggs showed his vision that his daughter is born, he says: (and if one of them preached
Female under the face Msauda) Bees 85
If he sees that his face is black and his clothes and dirty

, Shown on the vision that he is lying to God. The
Saw his face was black dusty, showed his vision to his death and is narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin
He said: "I saw a black man dead, wash man standing over him, he said:" The death Vkfarh, and
The Swadh his final abode, and that the existing wash it Ikhadah about his wealth and is narrated that a
A man said to Ibn Sirin: if I saw a man hanging from the sky with a series and one-half of his body
Black, white and half his body, and his guilt and the tail of the donkey. Ibn Sirin said: I am so
The man, The half-physical white Ford me during the day, and half received black night, and
The string that hung from the sky by the stated Mona never ascend to the sky, and the
Guilt, the two delegations will meet, dead in it, was also through it and was told: The brave if he considers
In a dream, his face black, this indicates that he becomes a coward and a man came to Ibn Sirin
He said: "I am marrying a woman in a dream Froitha black short. He said the blackness
Fmalha, and limit the brevity of life, it was soon only a little until she died, and he inherited
Men and narrated that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him in a dream saw a woman publisher
Head, emerged from the city until Paljhvp established, so the first part of the Prophet Muhammad, blessings and
Acknowledged that the city and B go to the handsome and is narrated that a man who felt as if he is given a
Nubian boy, when he became the person to change the coal, and saw the women of Negro may Ocharfn
Thus, it is supervised by the best to see them. And the big-Sharif, but the enemy of the genus and
Red color and the relevance and joy, and said: that was red with white, the owner received the honor, and
Yellowish color, disease, and it was: and saw the vivid yellow face, it would be valid in
Hereafter, and close. The whiteness and color, it felt as if his face whiter than
Was, of good religion and adheres to the faith. If he sees that the color white cheek, it receives
Attributed and a vineyard. And is narrated that a young man felt as if he had smeared his face red, such as women and
Like sitting in the women's compound, introduced to him that he committed adultery Vavcdh


In the interpretation of the president of Rights, which is under his hand, and capital and grandfather, it felt as if
Head greater than it was, it grew in his honor, and who saw his head was smaller than the lack of honor,

And who saw him as if two heads or three

, It receives nail enemies, if Mbarza, and
Sacked if he is poor, and if the rich have children justified, and if charms
Marry and gain what they want, the dealer felt like Menkos head, lost in the trade, the
Menkos he saw the man hanging head, a long life, and in an effort to rebuke, to the story of Harut and
Marut, it felt like a curved head Menkos filled in, the work of sin and is unrepentant
The contrite ones. And the origin of this vision indicates longevity, says: (and
Namrh Nnksh in creation) Yassin 68. It was the view of his head upside down, it indicates,
It wants to travel on that prevents him from leaving, for he did not see what he wishes sooner
But later, which shows who was traveling stranger to his return to his country after the delay is
Greed and the head and neck, if you saw them rights and which was sore or pain, that
Lemon disease in all people to equally the thought that his head like the top dog or a donkey
Or the horse or other cattle, it becomes the toil and fatigue and slavery. And
Of his head felt as if the impossible elephant head or a lion or a tiger or a wolf, it was said: It takes
In the establishment of the highest things and the ability to receive the benefit of the nail and the government will

If he sees that his head was a bird's head

Showed his vision to the high travel. If he sees his perfumed
Mdhuna, has shown his vision of good grandfather. The saw severed heads, has indicated his vision on the subject
His people. The saw like a human head eat raw, it Backbites president, and affects the money
Of some presidents. Felt like to eat the cooked, it is money that the man was
Known and otherwise it is the same money to eat. The head felt like taking his hand, he
Money becomes him, most of it friendly and at least a thousand dirhams, and this vision indicates the occurrence of reconciliation
Between him and a man in debt to him, says: (and if you repent, you your capital)
Cow 279. The head felt as if that were not hit, it dies of its President, the
Hold his head up from that position, I went of his government. If he cut his head, took him and put him in
True as it was returned, it killed in the jihad.

And his head was of the opinion that it

, Hit the money as much as Dith, and he recovered that he was sick and head on the spear or
Stage head high regard, and felt as if the head of the heads of people in the pot by the blood,
He is the man the President lied to, and was of the opinion that the neck and hit his head with him, if
Patients recovered, or was in debt spent his religion, or Srorp pilgrimage, and that was in distress or war
And released, the custom which it is being beaten at the hands of hit, if that had hit
Boy had not been informed, that his comfort and his private parts, which is where some of the distress or illness, and death is
In that state. Similarly if a patient is seen and has long illness, and fell for his sins
Or known to goodness, he will meet Allaah and the best cases is released. As well as women
Bleeding following childbirth, and the patient one who dies, or is in a sea of the enemy, which shows that it is

Van saw decapitation

Those who did not have a carb and nothing of what he described, he cut off what is in it
Of bliss, and leaves him a contingent of its President, and go away with him his power, and change the status in
All his opinion that the king or ruler and hit his neck, the governor is God save him
Of concerns, and appointed to its affairs

If he sees a king hit the necks of his flock

, It forgives the guilty and frees them. " And hit
Mamluks in the neck, indicating emancipation. And was of the opinion that the neck hit, either by virtue of
The Governor and the cut off the road, and either in war or other, that is blameworthy
His parents were boyfriends, and was born to him and that the head is similar to parents, because they cause
Life, and also looks like the boys for the image. The view of that scared, or of the rule of
Upon death, it is Mahmoud, because the scourge affects human once, and not fall ill
Again, either in the money-changers and employers in their capital, and shows in passengers
Their return, and in Almkhasamin to prevail, because the beheaded body if not cured. And
The thought that his head in his hand, the same is valid for those who did not have a child, and not able to get out
In the book. And if he sees in his hand as if his head and the head of another normal, this indicates that it resists
A thing of the pests that beset, and fixes a thing of the affairs in which the poor get it
Roy and that a man came to the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said: "O Messenger of Allah,
I saw my head was cut, Vkoni see him in one of my eyes, smile and blessings be upon him, and
Said Boehma you look at it, he stayed, God willing, soon. And then died blessings of Allaah be upon him
And peace, and be seen to follow the Sunnah, and the head of Imam and he saw the son of Mary sixtieth
Current entering the home, and the hand of every dish under way, and he has a human head washed Memczut, as though
Consequently read: (and he was not of human beings that God spoke to him except by revelation or from behind a screen)
Shura 51, shaved his vision was said to him: The Caliph imitate his argument, and you gain sixty thousand
JD, and was also the view of people's heads cut off his hand in his shop, the people
Led by him and come to that place, and probably met people there. The view that
King head, it becomes the capital of at least most of it a thousand dirhams and dinars. The view
Imam in his bones is to increase his power and strength in

Rai was the head of a ram,

Modifies it and do justice. The top of his head felt as if a dog, it Ligure and treats his flock Bambassh


Wealth and longevity, and the many (society hair) differ in different His vision,
Salah saw the owner on the head, is to increase and the prevention and prestige for him, and he saw that the rich
It is his money. And saw that the poor are sins, and good hair and honor of Almighty, the saw
Jaada hair and tribes is difficult and it oversees, the tribe saw his hair Ja'd he humbled himself and
Without becoming what it was. And saw that the tribes long scattered, disperse the money its President, and that
Lena was soft money, it increase its President. And it was: felt as if his hair long and
Is pleased with it, it is Mahmoud and especially in women, they feel others who use the
Ornamental and Ibn Sirin hates white hair of a young man, and says that gray hair and lack of
Concern if long hair. Saw that the poor be met with debt is poor, and perhaps
Imprisonment. Saw that it was the Plucking Shaibah, it violates the year and underestimate Shaykhs, the saw
Man in his hair white, it is absent, the arrival of him and said: The Graying of interpretation, to increase the
Waqar and religion, and it is said is to increase the age, says: (then you will be old men) forgiving
67. And said: It is believed his head was gray, it is born to him, says: (and flared
Cape Chiba) Mary 4 and is narrated that al-Hajjaj bin Yusuf saw his head and his beard was pale,
Which killed Abdul Malik bin Marwan, and two mines, and a change in command. But as if a woman saw
SpaceShipOne has shown all her vision to her husband's debauchery. If her husband is valid, it
Egayrha another woman or ongoing. And if not it also fall ill, including the cloud or
Grief, and the Alzwabp (Alamadfor) for a man, it is Mubarak's son that he is married, and that
The charms are going after each bought a beautiful coma. So are the women I'm the President,
And indicate the fertile year,

And the black woman's hair


Fidel on two things: one: the love of her husband, and the second
The integrity of the conditions of her husband. If she thinks like her hair uncovered, her husband away from her. The
Felt as if they were still open, the head of her husband does not return to it. And that did not have
Husband, did not marry her hair never felt the heavy and people that saw them, they
Fdh in the order as if he saw the man on the head for centuries, it is impervious man, saw the
Like a hair of the head scatter, the humiliation in injury time. Opinion whatsoever on the back of his head hair
May scatter is indicated by Huan fall ill in the event of Chiba. Felt as if he felt the left side
Of head scatter, indicated that males, and of his relatives, if the hair on the side
Left scatter, it becomes the female relatives. If they do not have nearly the
Men and women came back to harm himself and the shaving of the men in their pilgrimage, and
Shortcomings, security and interpretation is open and pay off the debt and Faraj, says: (for you,
Grand Mosque, God willing, safe, having your heads shaved and remiss not afraid of) opening
27. And in non-Hajj as well, but it is stronger in the Hajj this if it is not his vision
President, was president and is circled in the season, showed its lack of vision or isolated
HTC or jacket, this vision of the poor pay off the debt, and decrease for the rich money. And if
His vision of righteous people, twice the tyranny, and that did not see that it does not shave his head, but
Felt that the shaved head, nail enemies and gained strength and attributed. And some of them said: "The only
Fit in the interpretation of the throat, the throat is his habit, and those who do not fit the norm is the throat. And
It was said: The shaving the head of the warrior requires the certificate in the interpretation and is narrated that a man said:
I saw a vertical tower and a bird came out of my mouth, and a woman, ascribing Vodechltinay in her vagina, and
I saw my father require me to actively apply, and then locked me Vqsa to his companions and said: that
Tooltha, but shaving my head and put it and the bird who left me to my spirit, and women
Odechltinay which the land is digging in her vagina and Ogheb me where, and the request of my son and then
Imprisoned me, it strives to be caused struck me. Killing the owner of a martyr, and he saw the vision
Last shave his head like a hand, Vqsa crossing said: "Under Dink

. The woman felt her hair shaved off

, Ikhalaha her husband, or die. If she thinks her husband was
Shaving her head, her hair or shear in the sanctuary, has shown its vision to eliminate debt and performance
Its secretariat. And if it finds that her husband is shaving her head in the campus, his vision has shown that
Preventing him in his house, the bird remains in the nest if you cut the wing. And said: The throat
Them, indicating HTC concealed. And felt that if a man invited her to mow her hair, it
Calls her husband to other women, including a secret, and is located between them and that man
Enmity and grudge and it was: Zuib saw a woman cut off, they do not give birth to a son, never


It shows the mind, and saw that his big brain, indicated by the large number of his mind, the view
Brain does not like him, is evidence of his ignorance and lack of mind. And said: that the brain trace money Mdkhor
Taher. Felt like eating the brain or the brains of some of the bones, it eats money, and said
Some of them: eat brain dead, death requires speed and Trp (cuff dress) good money
And Izz, and it was said that his vision marry a woman, her beauty as beauty, which he saw Trp


Jah man and prestige, and its deficiency decreases in wealth and prestige. And where the increase
If you do not Taatvahac, had to be born a son to reign his family, and it was: the view from his forehead
Of iron or copper or stone, it Mahmoud of the condition or Alsoqp. And those who measure
Pension of his wheat, and the rest Tbgdahm this vision to the people


Fabnan Harifan blessed and eyebrows are named (the) good man and religion, and merit and
The decrease in these two decrease. And said: If the hair eyebrows Mtkatvi understanding
Mahmodan, for women Isodn eyebrows request for Accessories

And the eye

Debt owed to the man and his vision that he sees the guidance and misguidance, the saw
Many eyes in his body, indicated the increasing goodness and religion. The opinion whatsoever on his stomach split
He saw in the eyes inward, it is a heretic, says: (what to make of a man of God
Two hearts in his stomach) 4, the parties felt as if his eyes a strange kind of another human being is unknown,
Showed his vision to go blind, and the other guide him the way, if known, the
His vision marry his daughter and hit it good, it felt as if his eyes and reached an understanding, Matt
His children, and of the view that blind the eyes and is in Weird, along Del Alienation to
To die. Felt as if the eyes of iron, they earned it leads to severe HTC jacket, the
Felt that the man opened his eyes, it is seen in his appointed and felt as if he considered that
Him askance, it was malice,

And felt as if he heard of an eye

And consider ear, he holds his wife and daughter to
Sins of commission and felt his hand on the eye or eye, a man beast, received the money kind, and
Of the view as if looking at the eye Fasthassanha, it works harm the religion, and a black eye
Of religion, Heresy and blue, and Alchlae violation of religion, and religion contrary to the green
Religions, the consideration that he committed adultery with an eye, it looks women, felt that the same
Nail, it looks suspicious to a woman friend, and visual acuity welcome to all people and
Who has had children and saw this vision, indicated they get sick, because the boys
Mahbuptan like eyes and saw al-Hajjaj bin Yousef was his eyes landed in his lap,
Venai to his brother Mohammed and his son Muhammad. And saw some of the Jews under way in the sky, or
A bubbling spring, hatching his vision on the Barhami, said money from the affects of trade, saw maker,
Hit the money from the industry

Cilia eyes

In the interpretation and protection of religion. Oouky it to the eyes of the eyebrows and said: righteousness and
Corruption which Rajaan to the child and the money, the hair felt as if many eyes
Well, the religion Husayn, the saw as he sat under the hair in his eyes, the owner was
Religion and science, it lives on the religion, and that was the minimum, it takes money
People and melt, the saw if it were not for the hem of his eyes, he lost the canons of religion. The
Ntvha man, the enemy advise him in his religion, it felt as if his poems turned white, this indicates that
Fall ill, the illness of the head or eyes or ears or a tooth in the cheek and good sleep
Evidence of fertility and the vagina, and ugliness guide dieback and harm. And abandonment of the working man, the
Saw the Imam in the cheek above the amount is to increase and glory and glory


It will be said: It is the beauty of men, and said: It is about men, the saw does not like his nose, not a womb.

It felt as if the noses


It indicates the difference is between him and the parents, because
The nose is not uncommon, the smell has a good smell, shown Faraj fall ill. And if
His vision of a pregnant woman, they give birth to a son, Sarah. And said: The nose is born, and
Said wealth and lineage. And said: parents, and the interpretation of what is inside of the nose being the course of
Medicine, and what goes into the hated, he suppress his rage, and of the opinion if it slid on the DL
That he has a strong, happens.


Light is the owner, and its conclusion, it felt like something out of his mouth, it indicates that
Provision of good or evil, saw the mouth related to or is trapped, has indicated his vision on disbelief.


Man's friend, who make himself look good by, and his help and supported. The lower and stronger in the interpretation of
High, and said: lip in the interpretation of kinship, and the Supreme friend who supports it
In all his affairs, what happened to two of the event as described, which saw the water, the
Buddy is not going on what should be


Fterjman owner and mastermind of the order, and leading to his heart and his faculties, or of Salah
Corruption, is being done to translate it as pronounced. If the increase of the length or width, or
Diastole to speak at the arguments, it is the strength and nail. And is considered as if his tongue is not long
If the dispute is adversarial and, indicated by the foulness of the tongue. And may be the length of the tongue
Zafar owner in the logic and eloquence, and his knowledge and its culture, and his homily,

Saw the Imam was a long tongue

, It is a lot weapons, and indicates that he receives money
Because of the interpreter and his tongue tied in the interpretation, evidence of poverty and Directory
Patient, felt as if he grew on his tongue, black hair, is an evil urgent. And if they felt
White is the evil of the futures felt as if his Sanin, Rizk note of his knowledge, and argument to argument
And nail against the enemies, and was a moderate amount in the mouth right, Mahmoud for all
The uvula people, if they felt increased until almost fill the throat, showed his vision to
Keen to raise money, and narrowing to spend on himself, and for which DNA may


They are the household of men, Va'ea are the men of the people and the Lower House are women,
Mr. Valenab home, and tuck the right father, and left Uncle Tuck and if
Be two sons and brethren, if not Vsidikan two brothers, cousin and the Quartet, and
Premolars maternal uncles and aunts, and those acting on the advice, and molars
Grandparents, and young boys, and tuck the bottom right mother, and left
Aunt. Were not the Vokhtan or two daughters or their deputies, and the Quartet
Lower cousins aunts and daughters, and the lower canine lady of her household, and premolars
Girls Lower maternal uncle and aunt and inferior teeth Alobtn of the household of men,
Women and young girls and the movement of some teeth, evidence is construed in
Disease, and he fell and its loss or evidence of the death of his absence absence is not due to,
Injury after losing it due. Corrosion and evidence of an affliction of those who claim it. And
Knocking teeth guide the debate between the people of his home. The saw teeth Qlha (yellowish
) Is a defect due to the people of his own house, teeth and stinky nastiness praise for the people of the house, and
Fatigue (weakness) Dental poor condition of the people home and purification of teeth Kulouhp (
Yellowish) shows to make money in denying their concerns, and whiteness of teeth and length and
Beauty, and increase the power of money and prestige to the inhabitants of the house, felt as if it grew with the pagan
Like, the people of his home are increasing, the view was that grows with harm her, as if the excess
Household and not to disgrace and therefore felt like a rip teeth, showed his vision to cut
Mercy, or spend his money on hating him. If he sees as aimed at his teeth with his tongue, spoiled
Things people will speak in his words,

Opinion whatsoever on the teeth of gold

, If the number of scholars praise his vision and speech, and
Otherwise it is not evil, for it shows in non-science, and his family, disease or fire, the view
Like silver, shown in losing money. He saw the glass or wood, has indicated
Death, saw his teeth fell Mviadem Vneptt other place, indicated by the change matters?
And its actions and said: the view of the upper teeth fell in his hand, it becomes a capital
Him. The saw fell into his lap, he is the son, says: (and speak to people in
Nativity) Al-Imran 46. Means in stone. The saw fell to the ground, it is death.
Hold the saw like a falling of teeth did not bury him, it is like to benefit from the
Compassion and advice, as well as the interpretation of the other members if not hit by the scourge of
Bury her. If he sees that he grew in his heart, teeth, indicated by his death, and said: The fall
Dental evidence on the barrier impedes what he wants, and said: This is the user paying off debts. The
Felt as if all his teeth fell and take his sleeve or in his lap, he lives living for a long time
Until it falls to his teeth, and frequently the number of members of his household, and that felt as if all the teeth and shells
I went for sight, the members of his family die before him, and perhaps death with years of
People, and his peers in age, if people saw the Ilokuh Bodharashm or Iedoh,
It can not humbled himself to the people humbled himself, and said: You should make your mouth is like
Home, and the teeth of the population is like, what was the right hand, it indicates
Male, and he was left of it indicates that females, in all people except
Few of them.

And was of the view broken teeth

We spend it little by little. The teeth loss
Without pain, suggesting the work of the void. Felt like the fall with the wrench, something to go on the DL
Than in his home, and if they fell Mviadem teeth, denied that a person does something
Which works to speak and say. If, however, pain or exit of blood or flesh, it
Invalidate or spoil it, which is intended and the healthy and the Liberal and travelers, if
Fell all their teeth, indicated by the long illness and the occurrence of TB is not to die, and
So that man can not obtain food without strong teeth, but he used
Ahsa and juices, but rather because the dead do not die Do not drop their teeth, and the thing
Which does not display for the dead is a summary of the patient that is why he has become a welcome and in patients
That shows all their teeth fell on the speed of their deliverance from disease, and the traders
Gallery Fidel lightness make them, especially if he sees as some of his teeth had long bones, and
Indicated by the controversy and hostility in the house. And of his teeth were worn black, crooked, he saw
Falls, it escapes all the adversity, the fall felt as if his teeth and is taken
Hand or Belhth and in a room, it indicates that the Sons of movement

اللهم أرحم نفوس تتالْم ولا تتكلم


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الموقع : فينوس العرب
الأوسمة : In the interpretation of rights and its members Adare

الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة اذهب الى الأسفل

الرجوع الى أعلى الصفحة

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