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Dreams in the interpretation of monsters

اذهب الى الأسفل

Dreams in the interpretation of monsters Empty Dreams in the interpretation of monsters

مُساهمة من طرف اسماء في الجمعة 8 أكتوبر 2010 - 11:58

Dreams of Ibn Sirin:

Dreams in the interpretation of monsters


Have differed in the interpretation, some of them said: He is a man, he saw it on the enmity between the Del
His vision and an unidentified man inert stinking origin. It was said: It shows the money. It is
Donkey saw the monster from a distance, it is up to the money going. It was said: The ride back on
Right to wrong, the construction of stick-Muslims. It is a monster eating the flesh of a donkey or drinking Penh,
Hit the slaves of an honorable man. It was said: medial of the animal if Astohac indicates that
Odhar evil, and brutal if Astons, indicates that something good Ong. And the Community of the beast people of the villages
Alrsatiq and The Doe: Vjarip Arab beauty, it felt like a hunted doe,
It is plotted Calgary or con woman Wiczugea. The saw like a doe threw a stone,
Indicates that a divorce or hit his wife or have intercourse is underway. If he sees as sponsored by an arrow,
Throwing it in progress, the slaughter of blood doe Vassell, it Deflowers ongoing. It is
Turning fawn, hit delight minimum

, And taking a deer, hit a legacy, and a lot of good, the deer saw it bounce,
His wife, the disobey him, and saw that it was merely the effect Dhabi, increased strength. And it was:
Fawn became, the more in himself and his wealth, and taking a deer enter that house, it is coupled
Son. Although his wife was pregnant and born a boy, and pick off fawn, committed adultery with a woman who unwillingly
It was narrated that a man felt like a king with a deer, shaved his vision on the crossing, he said: have the money
Lawful, or marry a decent woman free. Was also eating the flesh of infected antelope money from
Beautiful woman. It hit Kchwe hit a son of a beautiful. And antelope also
Woman. The calf was born and the beast the beast and the antelope skins and felt and fat, and their bellies,
Funds by women. It threw the fawn to catch, try to spoil. It was: a shift
Fawn or something of the beast, retired from the Muslim community
Albanians and the Beast: a few meager funds. It rode a donkey, a beast obey him, it is
Passenger sin. If it's not manageable ass and saw that it was an idol or strain it, hit him
The severity of the sin they fear. The income of his ass monster, inside man is no good at
Religion. Enter the home and his conscience that he wants to catch his food, he entered his house is better
And the spoil of beasts and female: women. Monster and drinking milk, the NSX and Rushd in a debt. It is
King of the beast and give him something distracting him where he wants, the king of men Mphargin group


A man outside his reputation

It felt like a fish and a loud or a ram or Tessa on the Mount, it is obtained from the booty
King harsh, because the hardness of the mountain king. And monster hunting trophy. And throw in the ram
The mountain, throwing a post with authority. And his throw, the introduction of damaging it


President of the innovator, old restaurant, little harm, contrary to the group. Deer and a strange man
In some Mufaoz or the mountains or of the gaps, his old principality and his restaurant. It felt as if
Turning the head of a deer head, won the presidency and the state. Livestock and the monster in the original mountain man.
And Arabs, and the countryside, and the people of innovation, and the group difference in opinion


Debatable, some of them said: It is the king of huge, and some of them mobile: a man cursed because of Almmsuk

It was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin, said: "I saw like an elephant. Ibn Sirin:
Elephant boats not Muslims, I am afraid you are on the non-Islam. It was said: It is something
Famous great useless, it does not eaten meat or milk. Some of them said: It is
Villa has not felt the knee, obtained in a decrease in wealth Nvelsh Khosrana. The archetype won
King huge tight, too long and that was good for the Sultan. If they do not fit, was
Supports the war did not, because the rider never to Kidd, and therefore does not grant victory to the verse (pain
Thou not how thy Lord dealt with owners of the Elephant) Elephant: 1. And perhaps killed. The archetype
He adorned obey him, he married the daughter of the man a huge outlandish. The merchant was great is his business.
The archetype of which he called his wife during the day and fall ill because of poor grazing and Viola
It Iwackhe kings of the Persians, Vianagadon as much as obedience. Saw that it was milking the villa,
It is plotted a huge king and receive money from him lawful. And the king's elephant dung
. It is believed dead in his villa, it dies king of that town, or a man of
Azmaiha. It felt as if the elephant is threatened or wants, this disease. But felt like
Ir was delivered and signed it, is indicated by the death of his vision. If he does not Ilgah beneath it,
It becomes to the hardships and survive. It has been suggested: The Elephant King hell of an animal.
But for women it is not good in quality to this she had seen. It was said: It felt like a talk to the elephant,
Received from the king a lot of good. Saw that it was followed by the elephant ran, got prepared from the king of
. It hit the elephant trunk and hit the wealth was said: The vision is the elephant in the country
India, the severity and panic. In Nubia, the king. Feelin fighting and fighting angels
And more evidence of an elephant foreigner refers to the Sultan, and perhaps indicated by the large women,
The big ship, and also shows the mass and the Chamber, came down to those who have made
To the Kaaba of flying creatures, birds and stones of baked clay for the verse (birds and sent them
* Flying creatures, Which pelted them with stones of baked clay, And made them like green crops devoured *) Elephant: 3 5.
And perhaps indicates that away. Riding and shows the bride who was a bachelor, or ride
Or that the ship loader was traveling. Otherwise, nail or enable authority from the king, but
Be in a war, it is upside down slain. It saw the elephant out of the city, and was
King patients died, and only traveled, or isolate them, or a ship traveled
Where, if the town of the sea, only to be B or patio or severity, they go
Them have spoken of their elephant


Verily, a liar and a thief enemy wanton, men, left his companions, wily deceiver. It is
Del wolf home, income thief, and turned the wolf from his image to the image of the other animal
Medial thief repents, he has felt the wolf puppy rears, it keeps Mlquta descendants of the thief,
And the destruction of his home and his money on his hands go. It was said: Who saw the wolf, it is accused
An innocent man, the story of Joseph peace be upon him, and because the wolf is fear, too


Man in serious condition, a malignant ambition, treacherous, a student of evil in workmanship, a
The Examiner in himself, and said: This is a thief and an enemy foolish abuse androgynous trickster for pilgrims
And convoys, steal their provision, which Almmsuk, it rode Daba won the mandate, and the only income
They fear him, and then escapes. It was said: It shows a woman, so that the bear was

The monster pig

Charges for a big man, a corrupt religion, malignant gain, with a dirty hand, infidel, very
Fork despicable, meat and fat and hair, skin and stomach stinking money is haram, the National Bank of
Man malignant enriched gain and religion, and sponsored the pigs, and me on the people as well, and
King or achieved in the position or those which are most hit haraam wealth, and her children, and milk
Calamity in the capital of the drink, or in his mind, and rode a boar hit the nail authority or
Enemy, and saw that it was walking and walking pig, won the delight sooner, and the flesh
Cooked and roasted pork, haram money urgently and told that a man came to Ibn Sirin said:
If I saw a pig in my bed, he said: tread a kaafir woman and told that the evil and the fractions Ono
Felt like a drink from the Jam went, and with a pig drinking from JAM, shaved his vision on the
Crossing said to him: broken stone your women and eunuchs, and of Srarik Alglmp and children,
And Ajmahn Remember the blindfolded them with you, y did you, and take the crossing Tnbura
And sits hits him, he said to Caesar: en each one of them: bitter Feltrqs, he did what
Asked him, when he ended a bout in the ongoing dance to them, she said one of the secret
Rhee: "O King Oafha of dancing and nudity, it underway timid, he said: There must be
Of that, and when he found naked and Raja. Said to him, the crossing: "O King of this interpretation
The JAM seeing this confidentiality, while your drinking alcohol Vtemtek, and The Pig
Who shares in this man's drink


Poor stupid woman ugly old witch, the knees or king hit a woman in this
Capacity, the arrow was thrown between the two words and letters. Threw the stone or
Rifle thrown. The stabbed Badaha. The sword hit the extension of the tongue,
Eat the flesh of the charm and cured, and drink the milk betrayed and betrayed. And hair and skin
Bones and money and the male hyena enemy unjust Iyad mastermind, and said: of his knees received authority.
It was: when deprived and rejected, said: Dabaa woman hybrid


A man who had robbed a poor deprived of his grace, it was said: It Almmsuk, a wily clamorous
Saliva, and is also indicative of the Jew, is of the opinion that he fought a monkey Vgelbh, injury Disease
And acquitted him, though the monkey is often not discharged. And that gave him a monkey, appeared on the
Enemy. It is eating of monkey meat are very injury or illness. It hit the R monkeys benefit
The one hand, magicians, and committed the sin of fuck monkey, and monkey bite took place between him and
Human hostility and controversy. It was said: the monkey man of the owners of the major sins. It felt as if a monkey
Income mattress known to man, a Jew or an atheist, the blow to his wife. It was from eating meat
Monkey received new clothes and told the king of kings, he saw was a monkey eat with him
His table, Vqsa a woman scientist, said: It's been a tall woman Fletjrdn, Vomrhn so,
If the boy whom glabrous


The course of being al-Assad, also a secretive man immorality venomous, because in himself, a traitor of Damocles
And the enemy of apparent hostility, said: Sultan unjust and Tigress are also the course of the Lioness


Alkhtal is foolishness with men, and perhaps indicated by the hunter, and the offender, as well as all
Catches it, and shows a man does not appear oscillator enmity nor friendship


May differ in the interpretation, some of them said: is a slave, and said: This is a dominant Sver Mcna
If barking. Black and Arabic, which is a weak enemy small virility, and the bitch woman
Dirty, the bite bestowed upon them harm, and the dog tore his clothes, a man despicable
Tearing apart the display, and eating the flesh of a dog, appeared to hit the enemy from his wealth, and drinking for fear Penh,
It is a dog pillow, dog tags, then a friend Istnasr, and memorizes it, and dog shows
The guard, and indicates that a heresy, and bitten by a dog, if accompanied by a fad
Trial, though his enemy or adversary revile, or oppression, and that it was Abdul Khanh, or
Guard treachery, albeit in a time of hunger, something bestowed upon him, was as much bite
And Odjaha bestowed and dirty bitch woman of ill people and the puppy: Born loved, and dark
Puppy Swddh of his family. Egg-white and his faith and was said:

Puppy dog bastard, a man of his people Sver of adultery, and the dog man of foolish and Shepherd Dog
Money bestowed by the President, and the dog unjust enemy, and the dog owner on the teacher supports the
His enemies, but not out of generosity to him despicable. It was said: The owner of this vision gain authority
And the adequacy of the living, and some of them said: The dogs of the interpretation, a function of the damage
And misery, disease, and the enemy, except in one place, who take the play and Herash,
It demonstrates to live in joy and pleasure, and the dog water and is invalid, please do not.
All races show dogs wicked people
It was narrated that a man saw his wife's as if the two dogs Itharchan, shaved his vision on the crossing
He said: "These women wanted to fly, thereby failing the razor Fjzath Bmqrad, came
Man Ojs his wife's home, the impact of scissors Regiment


Man left the impostor, many Alrugan in religious and worldly affairs, and saw a fox eluding him
Grim it eluding him. It is felt that the dispute about a fox odds. The request for a fox
Injury pain couples, but his request fox injury scare. Injury and the injury of a fox
Woman he loves love is weak, the innocent fox drinking milk from a disease that was it, and only went
For them. It was said: Who saw a fox right in the same contempt, and in the decrease of wealth,
Some of them said: The Fox mine or a doctor. It was said: Who saw that it was touching a fox injury scare
Of the jinn, and eat his flesh disease, rapid healing, and take a fox or a discount nail Grimm, and
Player fox Rizk woman he loves and love him and told that a man came to Abu Bakr, may
God bless him, he said: I like to prevaricate with a fox, said to him: You are a liar. Was
A poet and a man came to Ibn Sirin man said: I like to reward the best fox spot.
He said: Odzet not rewarded, "Fear God, you are a liar and said the Magi: Opinion
Dahhaak between the east and the west was full of foxes, like a shepherd, hatching
His vision on the crossing, he said: a lot of magic and tricks in the IPT and appear in your country,
Was also


Woman, married her and took her, they are slaughtered, the wife is alive. It was: rabbit shows a man a coward


Unjust man thief Mufaoz home, does not work only after his death


Man prevents rights-headed, a Almmsuk, a fox in the course of being
Interpretation, but the fox is stronger Weasel: From Almmsuk also, a man Sver
Unfairly harsh, a little compassion, he saw it entered his home, their income stream is being wily cats


Cat is a cat, may differ in the interpretation, it was: Server is a guard, and said: This is
Thief of the people of the house, and it was: a female from a woman of ill blatant deception, and relate to each
Of cruising, and lying for a man guarded and misappropriated and steal, it will harm him and help him, the bite or
Khanh fool him from scratch, or be a disease fall ill. And Ibn Sirin says: It is
Satisfactory year. Though cats and is the most brutal, and if they Snorp silent years
Where comfort and joy, and if the brutality of the harm they are many years old grumpy, and have
He has had fatigue and monument

It was narrated that a woman

Came to Ibn Sirin said: "I saw Sonora enter his head in the belly of my husband
Voklh which he pulled out something he said to her: While seeing ratified to enter the night your husband's shop
Negro thief, and stealing from him three hundred and sixteen dirhams, it was what he said
Whether, and in their neighborhood erythema NEGRO Vtaliboh they took him of theft, it Fastrdjaoha
It was said by Ibn Sirin: How do you know and where Astenbth? He said: cats thief,
And the abdomen of the Treasury, and the cats eat it theft, and the amount of money Fa 'grown Astkrjtah
From the calculation of the sentences, so: Seine Stone, Noon fifty, and six F, and ra
Two hundred, this total cats

Not a great king in a coveted interview, the man saw that he received money Ihlbh prohibited from the Sultan, the great archetype is some of the kings


A man of few reason, to destroy himself by doing and drop it from the eyes of the people


An ordinary creature kill the snake, mongoose, it is believed it steals chicken, chicken-like Baus

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