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Villatior ‮ .. ‬ tells the history of ancient Alexandria

اذهب الى الأسفل

Villatior ‮ .. ‬ tells the history of ancient Alexandria

مُساهمة من طرف layaly في الإثنين 4 أكتوبر 2010 - 22:43


Villatior ‮ .. ‬ tells the history of ancient Alexandria

Discovery ‮ ‬ 4 ‮ ‬ Flooring ‮ »‬ Mosaic ‮« ‬ colored rare since the first century AD, the Polish archaeological mission confirm the existence of an extension of the bottom of the headquarters of Villa fire

Journey through time to ancient Alexandria ‮ ‬ in the era of the Romans ‮ .. ‬ rare opportunity enjoyed by guests of Villa bird monuments within the Roman theater in the city center ‮ .. ‬ Valjze finder of the house magnificent archaeological dates back to the year AD ‮ 05 ‬ any of the first century AD ‮ .. ‬ has been nothing short of a ‮ 003 ‬ in which to record the features of civilization and life in this day and age ‮ .. ‬ This is important as Villa birds to micro-mosaic color in them, which allows the opportunity to study this decorative architectural heritage in the cultural and historical framework and to compensate the small number of mosaics in ancient Egypt are preserved in their original locations ‮ .. »‬ news ‮« ‬ toured the house in which the ancient archaeological Sahptna Mona Mohamed Abdullah review the parts of the villa and details of the exact effects ‮ .. ‬ The villa is surrounded by a house of glass to protect the Mosaic flour by which visitors watch through a wooden ladder hanging in the middle ‮ .. ‬ Altqtina Dr. Mohamed Abdel-Maksoud President of the effects of the sea, which showed that the villa is an important part of the effects of Alexandria that are of global concern, although it has not been discovered but only a quarter so far ‮ .. ‬ where members expected the Egyptian-Polish archaeological mission, and there is an extension of the villa of birds, but down the streets and the headquarters of Kom El-fire ‮ .. ‬ In view of the importance and accuracy of trace elements, they are subject to the restoration and ongoing exploration fruitful ‮ .. ‬ The most recent of these operations is to create a sophisticated drainage system to protect the external mosaic of minute traces of water and rain water and irrigation of the surrounding gardens next to the address ‮ »‬ Alnca ‮« ‬ them to maintain this date ‮ .. ‬
He adds that this villa is characterized by ‮ ‬ configure the beautiful mosaic floor panels ‮ »‬ mosaic ‮« ‬ tiling that was in the era of Emperor Hadrian ‮ »711-831« ‬ AD, ‮ ‬ when Alexandria was at the height of its glory ‮ .. ‬ but severely affected as a result of a devastating fire in the late third century AD ‮ .. ‬ led to accumulation of debris on the floors and roofs ripple mosaic as a result of extreme heat ‮ .. ‬ It is likely that the cause of the fire due to the disruption of internal conditions in the city of Alexandria during the reign of Emperor Heading in AD ‮ 272 ‬ ‮ .. ‬ or during the blockade imposed by the Emperor Diocletian in the city ‮ 792 ‬ AD to stifle the spirit of rebellion of Interior during the era of the martyrs and the persecuted Christians ‮ .. ‬ The people of Alexandria used the remnants of the fire ‮ ‬ in the rebuilding of their city ‮ .. ‬ After many years and within years ‮ ‬ ‮ 054 - 055 ‬ AD were built many houses, stores and shops, leaving over this waste of good luck Matanha of the mosaics ground Mrdoma ‮ ‬ ‮ .. ‬ and return these buildings to the Byzantine era ‮ .. ‬ There is a wall of these buildings, Byzantine, which was used for a century can be seen above the courtyard of the villa and after several centuries, and specifically at the entry of Napoleon Bonaparte's Egypt in the late eighteenth century filled in this region piles dirt to form a high hill built by the bishop has destroyed the cob in the fifties this century and successive excavations in the region that has been reached to the center of the old city and as a result of acts of prospectors and repairers possible for a villa that welcomes visitors, birds again ‮ .. ‬
Villa Staff
For his part, confirms the archaeological ‮ ‬ Alaa El-Shahat Director General of the effects of Alexandria that ‮ ‬ ‮ ‬ villa for the best model from the time of the Romans a few urban residential buildings that have been found in the city ‮ .. ‬ It is still the entrance to the villa on the south side and its own bathroom, located in the east, and Disappeared Mtmorin ‮ .. ‬ The rest of the rooms that have been excavated are surrounding a courtyard villa which provides the rooms with light and air and one of these rooms dedicated to food ‮ .. ‬ where he was sitting on the guests Araikha zest for different varieties of food brought from the island of Crete and Greece and the Islands Moretnia also tell us the remains of pottery found in the villa ‮ .. The Ali ‬ ‮ ‬ close to the dining room was ‮ ‬ There are three other rooms are likely to have been reserved for the bedroom or office ‮ .. ‬
Mosaic ‮ ‬
‮ ‬ Alaa El-Shahat and adds that the owners of Villa ‮ ‬ birds have lamp ornamentation four times, at least where the walls are the oldest discovered a layer of white marble tiles match the forms which were applied decoration in the houses of Pompeii ‮ .. ‬ and floors of these walls is a layer of white limestone simple and the owners of the villa of generations following the installation of roofs ‮ ‬ mosaic ‮ ‬ different on the two successive and evidence of the presence of layer ‮ ‬ mosaic ‮ ‬ accurate perception of animal tiger under a layer ‮ ‬ mosaic ‮ ‬ Others the geometric ‮ .. ‬
Restoration work
‮ ‬ explains Dr. Mohammed Hameed ‮ ‬ director Roman theater that historic buildings adjacent to the Villa Bird says it was located in the neighborhood of the busiest districts of the city of Alexandria, ‮ ‬ discovered beside many other buildings columbine Imperial Theatre and the Odeon and water tanks, stores, and public baths along with many residential buildings other ‮ .. Thanks ‬ ‮ ‬ exploration, which lasted about ‮ 04 ‬ years ago by the Polish Centre for the effects of cooperation with the Supreme Council of Antiquities, headed by Dr. ‮. ‬ Zahi Hawass was possible to detect most of these buildings and convert them to the archaeological park unique is located in the heart of the city of Alexandria current ‮ .. ‬ Finally, the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Egyptian Antiquities Project of the American Research Center in Egypt, restoration and protection ‮ ‬ mosaics in the villa with funding from the U.S. Agency for International Development ‮ .. ‬ has been removing trash and cleaning ‮ ‬ mosaic of the effects of fire ‮ .. ‬ and repair of the various fractures occurred as a result of the collapse of the walls, on rooftops ‮ .. ‬ and then restore the missing parts of this ‮ ‬ Mosaic in addition to build a roof above and the installation of a natural ventilation system under the layers to protect it from deterioration that may result from leakage of water surfaces ‮ .. ‬ and during the implementation of these business prospectors discovered ‮ ‬ mosaics that depict the tiger, which is considered the most accurate of the pieces discovered and repaired before it is likely that where discrimination for centuries can now be next to the legs of an animal is the tiger may have been removed features
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