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Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman

اذهب الى الأسفل

Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman  Empty Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman

مُساهمة من طرف layaly في الخميس 30 سبتمبر 2010 - 3:08

Hudhayfah and walked, and people huddle around him, and Hafon it ..
When he saw them staring at it as if they were waiting for him recently, threw on their faces, a closer look and then said:
"Beware of the positions of temptation "..!!
They said:
And the positions of temptation, O Abu Abdullah ..!! Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman
Enemy of hypocrisy and a friend of clarity

Left the people of the cities crowds greet them and have chosen the new Commander of the Faithful Omar may Allah be pleased with him ..
Out outrun Ocoagahm to this great companion, who had heard a lot Ao and pious verse .. And heard more about alayna great conquests of Iraq ..
And when they are waiting for the procession newcomer, they saw a man in front of them shining, riding a donkey on his back Wakaf old, has brought down the man's legs, both hands and grabbed the bread and salt, which eats and chews his food ..!
When the broker put together, and knew that Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman governor who was waiting, almost crazy fly ..!!
But Wim wonder ..?!
And what they were expecting to come in the selection of age ..?!
Right they are excused, what is entrusted to their days of Persia, and by the rulers of Persia, this type of Galilee.!!


He said:
"The doors of princes" ..
Enter any one of you to the Viceroy, Prince, Visedkh lying, and commend him what is not a "..!
It was a brilliant prelude, as it is amazing ..!!
Humans Mofoarham and regained what they heard about them and the new one, it is not anathema to the whole world does not despise the shortcomings of something more than they despised and abhorred hypocrisy.
This was a sincere expression of initialization on the personality of the new ruler, and his method of governance and the state ..


P Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman man came equipped with a life course characterized by a unique distaste toward hypocrisy, and the ability to see in super Mkamenh remote.
Since he came in Safwan in the company of his brother, their father to the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him and all three Ang Islam, and Islam over this talent lighted and refinement ..
We have embraced a strong, clean, brave, a proper .. Despise the cowardice and hypocrisy, and lies ...
And politeness at the hands of the Messenger of Allah a clear Kvq morning, do not hide them from his life, nor of the hidden depths of the same .. Sadiq and Amin .. love the powerful in the right, and abhors Almtawain and hypocrites and liars ..!!

There was no area where he grew up talent Hudhayfah and thrive like this area, in rehab this religion, and in the hands of the Prophet, and the center of this great Areil of friends ..!!
I have actually grown the greatest talent development .. He specializes in the faces and read the secrets .. Read the faces in a look .. Ibluknh and hidden depths, and the spurious Royale. Is in trouble ..
We have reached that what he wants, until he was faithful Omar may Allah be pleased with him, which is inspiring intelligent and judicious, evidenced by the opinion of Hudhayfah, in his great men and their knowledge.
The Oti Hudhayfah prudent to what made him realize that good in this life and clear to those who want .. But evil is the one who disguises himself and hides, and then must be judicious to examine the evil in the Mate, and suppositions ..
Thus, bent Hudhayfah may Allah be pleased with him on the study of evil and the wicked, and hypocrisy and faithful ..
"People were asking the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him for good, and I ask him about evil for fear that Idrickni ..
I said: O Messenger of God Is After this good from evil?
He said: Yes ..
I said: Is it evil after this good?
He said: Yes, and it will be tainted ..
I said: What Tkhanh ..?
He said: Istnon people without the years .. Hdie and guided change, and you know them and deny ..
I said: And after that good from the evil ..?
He said: Yes! Callers to the gates of hell, of them answered them, threw them ..
I said: O Messenger of Allah, what do you command me to Odrickni that ..?
He said: obliges the Muslim community and in front of them ..
I said: if there is no group in front of ..??
He said: retire from all those groups, though the bite out of the tree until Idrickk death and you are so "..!!
Do you see saying: "People were asking the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him for good, and I ask him about evil for fear that Idrickni "..??

I have lived Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman open sight and insight on the matte strife, the evils of Itgaha pathways, and to warn people of them. We have bestowed upon this sight this world, and the experience of Balance, and find out in time .. Cullen and manages issues in the idea of philosopher of mind and manner, and the immunity of a wise ...

Say may God be pleased with him:
"The Almighty God sent Mhadda peace be upon him, and called mankind from the misguided to guidance and from disbelief to faith, and he heard him responded, Vhieddi the right of the dead ...
And died of falsehood was alive ..
Then I went prophecy came the succession to the curriculum ..
Then it will become Edaudha ..!!
Humans, it is to deny his heart, his hand and his tongue .. Those who responded to the right ..
Some of them deny his heart and tongue, tending his hand, it left a branch of the right ..
Some of them deny his heart, tending his hand and tongue, then left the two divisions of the right ..
Some of them do not deny his heart in his hand or his tongue, it is dead neighborhoods "...!

And talking about hearts and the lives of guidance and misguidance in which he says:
"Hearts are four:
Heart of the uncircumcised, it is the heart of the infidel ..
The heart of the laminate, it is the heart of the hypocrite ..
The heart of the prairie, where Siraj flowers, it is the believer's heart ..
And the heart of the hypocrisy and faith, like a tree Fmthelalaiman provide them with good water .. Such as the hypocrisy and provide them with pus and blood Kegrahp: Which one is defeated, defeated "...!!

Hudhayfah and experience with evil, and his insistence on resistance and defiance, Okspa his tongue and his words a bit of sharpness, and informs this is the courage of a noble:
He says:
"I came the Prophet peace be upon him said: O Messenger of Allah, the SANA Dhirba me to my family, I am afraid to send me to the fire ..
He told me the Prophet peace be upon him: Where are you from asking for forgiveness ..?? I ask the forgiveness of God in a hundred times a day "...


This is hypocrisy Hudhayfah enemy, a friend of clarity ..
And a man of this type, it is not faith, but close .. Not be loyal, but deeply .. And Kzlkm Hudhayfah in his faith and loyalty ..
He saw his father a Muslim Bara on one .. and at the hands of a Muslim, was killed by an error which implies, one of the Almusharikn ..!!
The Hudhayfah Itfatt coincidence, he saw Tnucheh swords, shouted in Dharbih: My father ... Abi .. He was my father ..!!
But the judiciary had Ham ..
When the Muslims knew, Tolahm sadness and silence .. But he looked on them, look Ashfaq, and forgiveness, and said:
"God forgives you, the Most Merciful" ..
Then began the battle with his sword towards the Blaneh Almcpopp is doing, and doing the job ..
And ending the battle, and the News of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him for ordering blood money, the father Hudhayfah "Hasil bin Jaber" may Allah be pleased with him, and give them in charity to Muslims, the Prophet standing, his love and appreciation ...


And faith and allegiance Hudhayfah, do not recognize
Disability, not weak .. but not impossible ....
In the Battle of Alhndq .. After the failure in the bear among the Quraysh and their allies of the Jews, he wanted the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him to stand on the latest developments of the situation there in the camp of his enemies.

Night was dark and terrible .. The storm was growling and Tstb, as if you want to pick out the desert mountains of headers place .. The whole situation including the siege and the stubbornness and determination is a matter of fear and panic, and hunger has reached the amount of hard and rugged, between the owners of the Prophet peace be upon him ..
It then has the power, and any force to go dark amid the risks to the camp of the enemies and Iqthmh, or sneak inside and then galling to them and know about them ..??
That the apostle is the one who will choose from the owners of the performed this task extremely severe ..
The view from the star to be ..?
He is .. Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman ..!
Called the Prophet peace be upon him Vlby, and great sincerity, tells the news tells us that not only have to meet .. He pointed out that he was terrorizing the task entrusted to him, and fear the consequences, and carried out under the pressure of hunger, cold, fatigue and new behind the siege of the idolaters months or more ..!
It was something strange Hudhayfah that night ...
Lost cutting the distance between the two camps, and broke through the blockade .. And the infiltration of the camp of Quraish, and the wind had extinguished the fire giant camp, Fajim upon the dark, and took Hudhayfah may Allah be pleased with him his place amid the ranks of warriors ...
And feared commander Obosevian Qwic, that Ifjohm dark Bmtzllin of Muslims, so he warns his army, and heard his voice high Hudhayfah says:
"O Quraish, for the consideration of each of you sits and takes his hand, and knows his name."
Says Hudhayfah "
"Rushed into the hands of the man next to me, and I said to Haman you ..? Said: So and so ?"...
Thus, the security and quality between the army in peace ..!
And resumed Abu Sufyan appeal to the army, saying: "O Quraish .. you and God, what place you became House .. We have destroyed Alkraa _ any horses _ and shoes _ any camels _, and Okhalaftnabno Kriza, and reached them that we hate, and the severity of the wind, which reassures us as much, it does not fire us, and we uphold the building, I trekked Varthaloua "..
And then rose above sentence, and began to walk warriors followed him ..
Hudhayfah says:
"But for the time of the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him not to occur until something comes to me, would have killed him with an arrow" ..
Hudhayfah and returned to the Prophet peace be upon him and tell him the news, human Osv him ...


However, the Hudhayfah succeed in this area all the misgivings ..
And a silo-Abed, the meditator is hardly a Cifa offset by the armies of idolatry and delusion, that they reveal to us the genius of the dazzle the eyes ..
Suffice it to know, that he was the third of three, five or fifth were the owners of the great head start in Iraq Fattouh all ..!

In Hamedan, irrigation and Aldeanor Opened on his hands ..
In the battle Hunde Alazny, where the Persians gathered in a hundred thousand and fifty thousand fighters .. Omar chose to lead the armies of Muslim ibn al-Nu'man Horny Hudhayfah then wrote to him to walk at the head of an army of Kufa ..
Age and sent to the guerrillas book says:
"If Muslims met to let all his army Prince .. but not all the armies of Prince al-Nu'man bin Horny ..
If cited Numan, take hold of the flag Hudhayfah, if cited Fjrer bin promise of God ..
Thus, before the faithful choose to pimp the battle even called them seven ...
The two armies met ..
Persians in a hundred thousand and fifty thousand ..
And Muslims in thirty thousand to change my ...
The fighting has occurred over every conceivable and peer discussions and the battle of the most battles and violent history commando ..
The Muslim commander fell dead, he fell Nu'man bin horny, and before it plunged to Earth in the Muslim flag was the new leader had received in his right hand, and by the way the winds of victory in the prime of noisy retinue and unafraid great ... This was not the only leader Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman ...
Download the banner of the just, and recommended not to let the news of the death of al-Nu'man even blows the battle .. Ben-Naim and called Horny Fjolh place of his brother al-Nu'man in his honor ..
Mission accomplished in moments, and fighting was taking place, truism bright .. Then bend over like a hurricane Madmdm the ranks of the Persians tips:
"God is the earliest true promise!!
Allah is the greatest victory his army! "
And then twisted the reins of his horse towards the fighters in his army and cried: "O followers of Muhammad .. Now, the Jinan God is preparing to welcome you there ye may prolong your wait for it ..
Come on guys .. Badr
Applied my heroes and a trench, Tabuk ..
We have retained the enthusiasm of the BCAA Hudhayfah Ocoagaha battle and, if not more of them and had them ..
The fighting ended in a crushing defeat of the Persians .. Defeat that we can not find her counterpart ..!!


This genius in cohesion, when you combine Soumath ..
The genius in Fdaiith, while standing on the battlefield ..
Is also the genius in every Manmptokl him, Mchorpttalb him .. When moved Saad bin Abi Waqas and Muslims with him to the cities of Kufa and settled by ..
And after revealed that climate cities Arabs Muslims harm souls.
Making Omar Saad to write to leave immediately after that looking for more suitable spots, the Muslims will move to it ..
Day of him and all that the selection of the spot and the place ..?
Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman said .. Went with him and Salman ibn Ziyad, Ertadan the appropriate place for Muslims ..
But when they reached the land of Kufa, and the barren gravel Sander. Sniff the breezes Hudhayfah wellness, he said to his companion: the house here, God willing ..
Thus, planned Kufa and referred by the reconstruction to the city full of ...
No sooner had the Muslims are moving to it, even cured Sagimanm. Strong and the weak among them. And healthy veins throbbed ..!!
It was Hudhayfah broad intelligence, varied experience, he said to the Muslims always:
"It's not your choice who leave this world for the Hereafter .. or who leave the afterlife to a minimum .. but those who take from this and this" ...


One day, the day of the Hijri year the thirty-sixth .. invited to meet with God .. Taking is preparing for the trip last entered upon some of his companions, he asked them:
Ojitm Bokvan with you ..??
They said: Yes ..
He said: Oruneta ..
When he saw her, he found a new luxury ..
Thus he saw on his lips last Basmath sarcastic, and said to them:
"What is this shroud me .. but enough for me to Vaftan Whitawan shirt is not with them ..
I will not leave in the grave, but a little bit, so I substitute something better than them ... Or the evil of their respective "..!!
And muttered words, sitting hear of Vsamaoha delivered:
"Hello to death ..
Habib came to the longing ..
Not returned from remorse "..
God has stepped up to the spirit of the greatest of human lives, and the most pious, and the brightest

Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman  Cagluz10
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Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman  Empty رد: Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman

مُساهمة من طرف ???? في الجمعة 1 أكتوبر 2010 - 11:20

O Allah, bless Muhammad and his family and his friends and him

Thanks for the great attendance

To Iaialy


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